• "I can’t recommend Everyday Magic enough. The intentionality of the brand goes above and beyond to ensure the child grows in independence with the daily art of dressing oneself, and we all want to see our kids grow and thrive and learn."

    - Ally, mum of 3 girls
  • "A well thought through design! Having a storyline makes dressing fun!"

    - Vivien, mum of 4 energetic ones

  • "I loved how Buttery Soft it was! And how it felt like a game for her."

    - Zhi ting, mum of a little foodie & an early childhood educator

  • "The thick waistband was great! It even holds up multiple washes."

    - Audrey, mum of a musical 2.5yo

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Meet The Everyday Shorts

Most children's shorts are simply miniature versions of adult ones, but toddlers have different bodies and limitations.

With Everyday Magic, intuitive aids are built into Shorts & Skinny Joggers so they can set up, put on and take off shorts on their own! No more oopsies at potty time & no more tears at dressing moments!

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