Kids want us to help them help themselves, we looked for clothes like that but couldn't find any.

So we made them.

  • Hello there, we’re a team on a mission to turn the challenges of dressing a child into daily moments of triumph.

    Making the right clothes for our children is at the heart of our mission, and that doesn't just mean the right materials or style. But intuitive clothes that honour their capabilities & that natural desire for independence. 


    We want to keep going beyond independent dressing. This is the first step in our journey towards building the confidence behind tiny changemakers everywhere, everyday. 

    So stand back, catch the smiles and join us to discover EVERYDAY MAGIC with your children!

  • Help me help myself: Designed to let kids take the lead in dressing, while giving us parents the task of trusting.

    Timeless, not trendy: Made to last, safe & durable. So kids can gain confidence in repetition and be loved across genders, ages, styles and projects of all shapes & sizes. 

    Other-centeredness: We believe that the space for independence gives our kids a chance to build resilience & confidence to create possibilities not just for themselves but for the greater world.

  • The idea for Everyday Magic began back in 2020 when my firstborn started showing interest in dressing himself - it always ended up in frustrated tears.

    Dressing my active toddler became a daily chore; all he wanted was to move on to the next fun activity. I realized that dressing wasn’t fun for kids, it was also pretty hard! A simple t-shirt to us adults, can actually be a huge daunting task to a toddler.

    So I set out to change this.

  • I started noticing what was hindering him, then researched on how I could help him help himself.

    Just like how we added training wheels to his first bike, I started tweaking his clothes to give him the right aids to learn about his body & get dressed on his own.

    By trying without interruptions, he started making connections on his own, and by the 5th iteration, he dressed himself, head to toe.

  • I caught that smile he flashed, not to me, but to himself when he first put his t-shirt on. It was magic.

    As he grew in confidence, he started dressing himself, helping around the house and now, even enjoys helping me dress his little brother.

    Soon, we began tweaking the clothes for our friends and quickly developed an interest in parents who valued the right clothes over chasing trends.

was born out of the desire to share this with other families who are also creating spaces that honour their children’s process of discovery. It wasn't just about meeting milestones, it was always about their smiles.

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