9 Year old raising funds for Bone Marrow patients

9 Year old raising funds for Bone Marrow patients

 9-year old boy from Singapore publishes book to raise funds for the Bone Marrow Donor Programme

Who: Yu Cheng, 9 years old, Singapore.

The Magic he is creating: Inspired by the struggles faced by patients with lymphoma (his late grandfather also passed away from the said cancer), Yu Cheng wrote & illustrated an e-book where 100% of its proceeds will go towards supporting the work of the Bone Marrow Donor Programme (BMDP)

What we love: We are inspired by how Yu Cheng used his love for reading & his creativity to turn a story full of hope into an avenue to support a good cause. His empathy for the patients and their struggles in securing the right match and/or support to treat their terminal blood-related diseases like lymphoma is admirable. Thank you for your big heart, Yu Cheng!

Facts to know: 

  • What is lymphoma? 
  • What does the Bone Marrow Donor Programme do?  

What you can do too

  • Understand: You may borrow books to learn more about blood-related diseases, and understand more about what people go through. We like these: "When a kid like me fights cancer", and "Wink". Psst, both are available to borrow from the National Library (Singapore). 
  • Support: Know a friend who doesn't feel well sometimes? They might be struggling with something you are unaware about. Sitting them at recess, walking slower to meet their pace, and sharing a snack you enjoy are things that show them you care and bring them hope. 
  • Act: Love stories too? You may also create your own version of an e-book to raise funds for the same cause, or a cause you stand for! 
  • DonateYou may also donate to Yu Cheng's cause at giving.sg. Find out more here. The fundraising ends on September 2022, coinciding with World Bone Marrow Day. 

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Source (images & information): Littledayout, by Carissa Soh, 2022. Read more here

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