7 Year old fights plastic pollution with petition to the parliament

7 Year old fights plastic pollution with petition to the parliament

Seven year old presents petition to The Scottish Parliament calling for reusable water bottles

Who: Callum Isted, 7 years old, Scotland.

The Magic he is creating: "Instead of getting a plastic one, I will get a metal (bottle) as the plastic breaks too easily...because animals can die and humans can get ill if they eat fish that have eaten micro plastics", says Callum at a recorded meeting to the Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Committee. In the lockdown during the early part of 2021, Callum noticed that everyone in his class was using disposable plastic bottles. He was determined to resolve this by first writing to his headteacher to get everyone a reusable bottle for all primary school children in Scotland. He also raised £1,405.66 by walking 134 miles to buy reusable bottles for his school. "I would like the parliament to buy the bottles (now) please", Callum ends a question in the meeting. 

What we love: We love Callum's confidence and determination to change plastic pollution in a big way! The passion he has to solve this problem doesn't stop him from thinking big, taking him out of his classroom and into the parliament. Anything can be possible if you put your heart and mind into it. Thank you Callum! #CatchTheSmiles from everyone :)

Facts to know: 

  • Why are plastic bottles bad for the oceans?¬†ÔĽŅIt takes 1000 years for every single bottle currently in the ocean to decompose. Each bottle breaks down and leaks harmful chemicals and micro particles into the ocean, endangering the lives of sea creatures and those who consume them, including us! The production process also releases 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually.¬†
  • Why are plastic bottles bad in general?¬†Did you know that more than 17 million barrels of oil are required to produce disposable plastic bottles each year? Disposable bottles also contain harmful chemicals like BPA that damage your health and the environment.¬†

What you can do too: 

  • Switch to reusable bottles:¬†Check the labels and get only BPA-free options if you can. Keep a light-weight, expandable bottle in your bag for times you need to buy a drink¬†from a store that only serves it in plastic cups.¬†
  • Discard:¬†Take good care of your bottles and keep using them instead of buying more than you need.¬†Once your bottle has run out of its life, see if you can reuse it in other ways, and if not, recycle and discard them properly. We like

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Source (images & information): The Edinburgh Reporter, March 2022 by Phyllis Stephen. Read more here & officeh2o. 

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