6 Year old runs marathon to raise funds for Cancer research

6 Year old runs marathon to raise funds for Cancer research

Who: Poppy Maxwell, 6 year old, UK. 

The Magic she is creating: "I wanted to challenge myself and I knew a marathon would be hard, but I wanted to try and raise lots of money," Poppy tells Runner’s World UK. When her favourite teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer, Poppy got to know more about this life-altering illness and decided to raise funds in the best way she can, through running! "What about 20km.... but then double that could be 40km!", Poppy pushed herself into running a full 42km marathon and managed to raise £2,660.50! 

What we love: Poppy's big heart has taken her out of her comfort zone and into the beach, field and road to raise funds for something that can benefit many. We love her relentless spirit and determination to raise funds, all done with huge toothy smiles. Thank you for inspiring us! #CatchTheSmiles.

Facts to know: 

  • What is Breast Cancer? Our bodies are made up of tiny building blocks called cells. Breast cancer happens when cells changes into a harmful form growing a tumour in a person's breast. The patient may not feel well and requires treatment and medication that might make her feel even sicker. Read more here
  • Why is cancer something that requires research? Research helps to identify the causes of cancer and helps us improve methods of diagnosis and treatment. 
What you can do too
  • Understand: Read books to understand how people with breast cancer live, we like "Cancer hates kisses". 
  • Support: Know someone who seems to have lost a lot of hair? They might be undergoing a form of treatment for cancer. Think about how you can bring a smile to them as they undergo discomfort to get better, bake cookies for them or enjoy a movie with them, what else can you think of?

Everyday Magic, for Tiny People with Big Possibilities. 

Source (images & information): Cancer Research UK 2020 (fundraising is now closed) & Runners World, August 2020 by Emma Dooney. 

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