5 Year old donates pet food to shelters on her birthday

5 Year old donates pet food to shelters on her birthday

Who: Monae Lust, 5 year old, USA. 

The Magic she is creating: Instead of collecting gifts, she wanted to collect pet food for animals in shelters. Inspired by stories she heard about giving, Monae was determined to use her 5th birthday as an opportunity to raise funds for animals. With her mother's help, she raised $1,300 worth of donations that were dropped off at 3 different pet shelters. 

What we love: Her love for animals didn't stop at reaching for books about them, Monae used her birthday not for herself but to provide animals abandoned in local shelters with food. We love her generous heart and big smile! You are amazing Monae! #CatchTheSmiles.

Facts to know: 

  • Why do animals end up in shelters? In the United States alone, 7.6 million animals enter animal shelters every year, and about a third of them are put to sleep because shelters are too full. Animals end up when their owners give them up. 
What you can do too
  • Volunteer at a shelter: Shelters have to turn away or put down animals because they get too full and don't have enough help. Lending a hand at animal shelters can help prevent this!
  • Donate to animal shelters: Buying food for your pet? Maybe you can buy an extra bag for the animal shelter too! Don't forget to check what is suitable for the shelter you're planning to drop it off at. 
  • Educate yourself about pets before getting one, adopt if you can: Besides being cute, pets are great companions. However, do read up about what it requires to take care of a pet from day 1 to its passing. We like "Max explains everything puppy expert" to help you understand how puppies are a big responsibility. 

Everyday Magic, for Tiny People with Big Possibilities. 

Source (images & information): wkow, April 2022, by Amber Noggle. Read more here & "Why People Abandon Animals" by Towell, Lisa PETA, 2010. 

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